West Hartford's First CoWorking Space

Membership Options

West Hartford Co-Working (WHC) will provide affordable workspaces and a supportive community to small businesses, independent consultants, and creative professionals in West Hartford.

Unlike renting a traditional office space, co-working features flexible membership options, focuses on building a supportive community, and includes all utilities and amenities for one low price.

Dedicated Desk


Your own desk
5 hours meeting room access
24 Hour access available
Gourmet Coffee Included
All utilities included
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Monthly Meeting Room


No setup fee
3 Hours of room time
Self bookable
M-S, 8 am - 5:30 pm
All utilities includes
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Hourly Meeting Room


No setup fee
Flexible Meeting Times
LCD Projector + Whiteboard
Seats 8 - 10 Poeple
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How We Roll
The goal of West Hartford Co-Working is to create an environment where great people can do their best work every day. We want people to make an informed decision about joining which is why every potential member is offered a week free to help them decide if co-working at WHC is a good fit. 

If you decide co-working at WHC isn't for you after trying it out, nobody will try to pressure you into joining or anything because that's not how we roll. 

We want WHC members to be happy about being here and would still love the encouragement and support from people that might decide co-working isn't for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-working? How is it different than renting office space?
Co-working brings together people working in different businesses to a common location in order to get work done. This helps create economies of scale resulting in the ability to offer lower prices and more flexibility than any single individual would be able to obtain. Unlike renting an office space, co-working memberships offer workspace with promise of human connection.
What are the membership terms?
We offer all memberships on a monthly basis. This approach provides maximum flexibility to members and enables them to quickly scale up (or down) on the amount of space they need.
How much does it cost?
Entry level membership starts at a few hundred dollars per month. This fee includes access to the space, a shared or dedicated desk, and a few hours of conference room use each month.
Where is WHC located?
West Hartford Co-Working is located at 967 Farmington Avenue in West Hartford. The space has tons of natural light, a rooftop deck, and a gorgeous conference room. Some great footage of the space is available accompanying the article in the Hartford Courant.
What happened to WeHa Works?
In June of 2017, we changed our name from "WeHa Works" to
West Hartford Co-Working. The awesome work environment, co-workers, and community remain the same.
I have a small business? Is this right for me?
Yes! You can signup as an individual, or small business. We plan to have multi-person offices that will be perfect for small business.
I am employed as a remote employee. Can I join, or is this just for startups?  We welcome remote workers. The founder of  WHC is a remote employee for a company in San Francisco and wanted a place to work around people - so you'll be in good company.
Are you an incubator space?
Startup companies are welcome. WHC is not an incubator, but the environment  is ripe for innovation and creative thinking.

What's the commitment if "I'm Interested"?
Filling out the online form simply lets us know you're interested in co-working at WHC. We will followup up with an email so you can learn more... filling out the form does not commit you to anything. Also, we won't spam with you emails that you don't want (we hate that too).
Okay, I'm interested, what should I do?
Great news! Please click here and fill out the online form. We'll send you updates about our progress and launch process.
I have more questions. What should I do?
Email any questions anytime to: Someone will get back to you within 24 hours (or less).
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